All couples enter major romantic milestones throughout their lives, and celebrating those magical moments with a vacation is an essential ingredient in the recipe for building a long, happy, and healthy relationship. Travel Agent advisors who specialize in romance travel will ensure that the next chapter of your love story gets off to the perfect start.

Whether you’re planning your honeymoon, destination wedding, elopement, anniversary, babymoon, vow renewals, or celebrating a proposal or a mortgage, it doesn’t matter. Here’s why you should avoid the DIY travel planning route and bypass online travel sites in favor of using romance travel advisors.

Insider Knowledge 

No, the internet did not kill travel agents, and it never will. Travel agents are an ever-evolving clan of professionals. Experienced travel agents are true advisors, and it is essential to use them, especially when planning a romantic milestones trip event. 

We live in an era of digital micro-moments with so many devices, and digital touchpoints, the travel planning journey is more and more complex. Consumers have 38,983 digital micro-moments in just under two months, according to Google. And travel booking decisions include visiting 18 sites in over 17 days. Good travel advisors are industry insiders with a wealth of experience, resources, and connections at their fingertips to help you avoid weeks and months of researching and planning. 

We also live in a new travel norm with COVID-19 travel restrictions, health and safety guidelines, hotel compliance, political issues, etc. Travel advisors will help you navigate all these regulations to avoid complications. They will have all the latest regulatory intelligence and plan an itinerary with hotel rates you will never find online or on your own. The best part is travel advisors will be there for you when you need them the most during unforeseen disruptions and travel emergencies.

Save Time & Money

In theory, there’s nothing to stop you from planning your own honeymoon, destination wedding, vow renewal, etc. However, the hours spent looking for the best options could become a significant distraction. Given that you already have other to-dos and plans to consider, it makes sense to let a travel advisor take care of this challenge.

When you look online via traditional travel sites, though, they offer no solutions or tools to help you plan the best experiences. By choosing a romance travel platform like LOVU, you can facilitate a direct reservation, secure event date availability, check on special offers, or find a world-class travel advisor to help you unlock better prices and experiences.

VIP Experiences

A specialist in romance travel can help you build the perfect romantic experience. Most experienced travel advisors are affiliated with travel consortia or groups, such as VirtuosoSignature Travel NetworkTravel Leaders, and Travelsavers, which helps them with marketing, education, training, and supplier negotiations. By using a Certified Travel Agent (CTA) that is affiliated with a larger travel organization or group, you will benefit from the group buying power and end up with a fantastic VIP experience that can include over-the-top amenities, room upgrades, and other perks at no added cost. 

Crucially, their expertise can help you build a bespoke package that perfectly reflects your desires and demands. From finding the right destination and accommodations to choosing the right venue decor, every aspect of your romantic milestone holiday will be perfect. 

Peace of Mind

All vacations are meant to be enjoyable and stress-free, but the pressure to get it right is even more significant when organizing a romantic milestone holiday. Having a direct relationship with an experienced travel advisor removes any concerns you may have about the vacation, destination wedding, honeymoon, or celebration. In turn, you can focus solely on celebrating your love.

The LOVU platform delivers connections to world-class travel advisors who are vetted based on experience, certifications, affiliations and awards and accolades.  

About the Author
Shri Lildharrie is the founder of LOVU and a SaaS business development and hospitality technology specialist. He’s is also a multi-media pro, and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ digital, travel, marketing, and wedding industry experience. He headed the travel vertical for the world’s leading online wedding resource,, so knows just about everything there is to know about romantic travel adventures and getaways!